Enriching communities with access to fresh, healthy produce

We help communities, especially in food-insecure areas, grow their own fresh produce within their spaces and engage their people in the process - by designing, installing, and maintaining productive indoor farms. 

Our Flagship Project

We have partnered with the Covenant House of Greater Washington DC, along with Run Hope Work, to provide a container farm and workforce development programming for the homeless youth and young adults they serve.

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Let's Farm Together

Our farms and programming are a unique and productive way to engage and feed your community. We invite your students/stakeholders in for hands-on experiences in the farm, while our farmers maintain and ensure it's running at it's optimal output. Our education and workforce development programming is unique in that it can be tailored to your specific population and features modules on sustainable entrepreneurship.

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Community Organizations

For nonprofits, churches, shelters, and any other organization that wants to increase access to fresh produce and engage their communities in new ways.

Schools & Universities

For schools of all different grade levels and sizes that want an interactive education experience, as well as a direct source of fresh produce on their campus.

We deploy high-tech high-yield hydroponic farms on your campus and engage your community in the process.

Direct source of fresh produce

Our farmers plan and harvest crops weekly, providing a consistent source of greens, herbs, and vegetables for your cafeterias and food services.


Our education and workforce training experts design and facilitate curriculum around plant science, hydroponics, agriculture, food entrepreneurship, and more - tailored to your stakeholders' level and needs.

REVENUE from produce sales

For any produce that's not used by your food services, we help fund the operations of the farm by packaging and selling the additional produce to families in the communities you serve and/or local restaurants.

Our Technology

We leverage best-in-class modular hydroponic farming technology.

Let's grow together!

We're looking for partners in the DC/MD/VA area - reach out if you'd like to explore how we might work together!

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