Sustainable, Local, & Equitable Food Access


The Our in OurFarm

We seek to embed farms within urban communities of all shapes, sizes and socioeconomic backgrounds - creating a shared source of fresh and healthy produce and a closer connection to the food we eat.

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Grow Quality Produce

We leverage the most advanced hydroponic technology and techniques to ensure our products are robust, flavorful, and nutrient-dense.

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Focus on the Human Experience

We adapt to the evolving needs of the humans we serve by keeping a pulse on their experience and consistently co-creating our experiences with them.

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Keep it Local

We connect with local business and consumers, as well as farms in the surrounding area to ensure we are generating value for as many local actors as possible. We also work closely with local governments and policy councils to create the conditions for our mutual success.

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Design For Equitable Access

We aim to scale out products and services to all communities - especially those in urban food deserts. Our model for placing farms and connecting communities to them will be designed to adapt to their unique needs.

Let's grow together!

We're looking for partners in the DC/MD/VA area - reach out if you'd like to explore how we might work together!

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